Hello world!

I’ve never been much good as keeping diaries. I never know what to say, to whom I think I’m speaking, or why in the world anyone would be interested. So here goes.  I’ll give you a bit of introductory blurb first.

I never know where to begin when I have to introduce myself. Like being asked where I’m from, I wonder whether the question means ‘Where do I live now?’ or ‘Why do I have an English accent?’ or even ‘What part of England are you from?’. None of these are straightforward questions to answer and I am never quite certain what it is that people want to hear and what might be TMI. So please forgive instances of TMI and please ask if there is anything else you would like to hear as I am not shy.

I was born in Plymouth but as my dad was in the navy we moved a great deal. My sisters were born in another part of Devon, Thurso and Glasgow, though as the last one was adopted we didn’t actually have to move there. We grew up in Kent where I did most of my schooling.

I left school wanting to do agricultural studies at Uni but missed the arts side so much that I ended up doing History and Theory of Art. I loved college, didn’t want to go any where else but was gradually sucked by life into the big wide world. Worked at a commercial art gallery in London for a while which left me disliking London and loathing the business world.

Went travelling for a few years. Mostly round Europe where I spent a lot of time on a beach in Corfu (living in a tent under the olive trees) where I could earn some money selling jewelery and other beachey things. I went so far as to have my first child in Corfu hospital against the advice of every ex-pat I met there.

Moved back to th UK due to lack of money. And (as I am uncomfortable living amongst English people) over to Ireland 14 years ago with 2 toddlers in a 22′ Astral Luxitrailer in a snowstorm and temperatures of -10.

Having no way to earn decent money I went back to college. Software Development this time as the course was available locally and I was enjoying my first computer. Graduated in 2008 to find that the bottom had well and truly fallen out of the graduate jobs market in the west of Ireland. Was painfully bored for a whole year – saved from going completely mad only by access to the Internet. Luckily for me I was accepted onto the iMedia course at UL which is going to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

I’m all ears for good ideas as to what I should/could do next year as I do not relish the prospect of boredom and will find re-locating difficult for a while….so suggestions please!

This blog has a purpose though: to create a place for discussion of the particular topics I am studying for Principles of Interactive Media.  Triona, Fionn and I are looking at Design sensibility and what it means to be a designer.  As we get our research going there will be more posts here so please keep coming back.


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